How to replace front brake pads on a Ford Focus

I think they were going to sugar coat it plays the phone but I got so full of focus footage generation is the same for 1999. Although 8 to 2007. All you need to do is you need to. Jack up the car on the side of the need to replace the brake pads. They’ve done a movie star. Then you need a screwdriver flathead screwdriver 7 me neither. Now on the bench. And. Blake pots of course now the first thing that you need to do. This unit testing the screwdriver and I’d there on the scene in there between there. The frame and the ceiling there and but I. The other way because. If. Your old pots were really worn out you won’t be able to get its new plots without. Compressing the beast and next you need to remove just putting. Right here. After about on the back biggest 2 bolts. And I have 2 plastic. Do plastic leads and I bet that prevent that from going inside. You remove those.

front brake padsIf you are right there. The other one is there. And then you need to have a. 7 I won the French. And you need to take them lose though a. Okay we got the ball to lose all the way you just pull them out. Most of the time they go like built up here this one you need to clean it then acquitted them because they’re. Sitting there. That their whole caliper slides on the office. Okay then you need to just remove the light board out. The. And I bet that’s a caliber. As you can see. See the brick by. You just sit in movies like that though on the outside one doesn’t have a spring holding in a nightmare. And also about those blue eyes boats. You can also get a fine sandpaper. Make sure to find a different event. Or the Duggar thing deposits with sandpaper and then they look like about good and you need to live with it when you put it together. Okay we got out and you break bats as you can see that’s that you know the part that I hear his police brings not go inside death.

I read that inside the piece down on the couch. We need to push to little bit like bath. You put the outside on the brake pads disc But I’m there. Into the house. And then you just. Put it back together. Okay next. You need to. Put the 2 boats on the back. Need to make sure about that the holes align. Okay now you. We get the 2 boats with the 7. Size 7 Allen wrench you get them thought it all away and it died. You need to install. A plastic. Jobs. Repsol right away delegates. And what it will not go inside the boat we need to okay as you can see we just put the displaying. Right here. This blank. You need to make sure that it is there.

Using wires. So really convenient. And next thing that that’s all we need to do and you need to put the top back on and make sure you put as the Brake plateau a few times before you drive the car. So the other way this evening there will go all the way and if you don’t do that. You will not to have brake pads the first 2 or 3 bombs. So make sure your palm the back panel a few times after that after you did plays the bike paths. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our channel.