Select the first car.

Select the first carBuying a car is an event in your life, and special if the car is first .
Many people advise not to buy the first car as a new one. And it is right. On the one hand, the new car is going well, don’t require careful attention. It does not break, do not give cause to concern. But a beginner is able to break the car easily, scratched or even do something worse. In order to properly ride should be at least a little understanding of the car and have small experience.

Foundations of technical vehicle device just second-hand cars will help to learn. You may need to call in more often to the service station, but it’s worth it. After a while, the driver will have to understand that the diagnosis engine is one thing, but the air conditioner test is another one. Used cars are not so sorry to dent or scratch.

The first cars should not be with a powerful engine. When a beginner gains confidence in driving, then he certainly will have a desire to “drive fast”. Confidence already is, but experience, unfortunately, is no. As a result, an accident could occur.

If we talk about the car’s age, it is better to pay attention to the 2-3 aged foreign cars.