Car Toyota noah.

Toyota noahToyota Noah – it’s a medium-sized minivan, which is an intermediate in the line of minivans Toyota and is intended for those who wish to become owners of a comfortable car for traveling, but who do not have enough money for Toyota Alphard or Toyota Estima.

The car is equipped with an engine with volume of two liters and can be front or all-wheel drive. Instead of the standard gearbox a variator is used in this car, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The main advantage of the body of this vehicle in both its generations is a comfortable passenger accommodation, including comfortable embarkation and disembarkation. Sliding doors are located on both sides of the vehicle body and to open them you just need to pull the handle without any effort, then the door will move laterally itself. The process of opening or closing of both doors can be controlled from inside the vehicle with the driver’s seat. Door openings are made low and comfortable, that in combination with low ground clearance makes the most convenient landing.