2013 Ford Escape review

The high volume Ford Escape is very important for Ford that’s why we bought 2 to test the FC version in the version that most people will get and a loaded escape type link the best thing about the escape is how it drives its nimble has responsive steering makes it really fun. Another high point is the ride it’s both well controlled and absorb it. Let’s face it some small SUV, ¬†And feel like The escape. Road noise is really subdued and they it feels solid and. There are 34 cylinder and. It’s no V6 Most escapes were. Leader turbo charged engine. Little engine has good mid range. Sometimes have to wait for a ship to get that power it definitely know it’s working.

2013 Ford EscapeTop level engine is a 2 liter turbo charged for that comes standard on our skate titanium this is a lot more power and it feels like it puts in a lot less effort than the 1.6 and when you get this engine you also get 3500 pounds of towing. Surprisingly the 2 liter actually doesn’t cost you that much more at the pump the 1.6 is only slightly more fuel efficient and that’s partly because it works harder at slow speeds. Visibility to the front and sides is decent has open airy feel and large wrap around windshield and large side windows one thing that does detract is that the pillars have wide basis. Actually kind of hard to get the backup camera on the escape. It’s not available in our SE version you have to buy $1000 option package to get it on our titanium.

If it’s really kinda ridiculous for a very helpful safety feature especially when competitors like the Honda CRV its now standard. Getting in and out of the escape is really easy has low sales and big doors inside the escape is much nicer than before the dashboard as thickly padded some details like gaps in the panels do hold it back. Trolls can actually be frustrating even basic escapes have a radio that’s much more complex than it needs to be. Up level escapes have the my Ford touch controls some of those screens are really busy and have small fonts and it’s a long reach to the touch screen and some of the corners that you need to touch your actually blocked. From your view by the dashboard profile these are kind of big flaws for something that’s called my Ford touch. Comprehensive sink commands do help some especially when you’re using phones and iPods. New led tail lights and HID 2013 Ford Escape titanium headlightsStart driving position can be somewhat tight there’s a big console that pushes into your right leg and an uneven floor pan on the left. The basic cloth front seats are actually come with too soft to really get adequate support and the fabric covering is wrinkled in spots some people actually compared to a cheap suit.

Things are actually much better with the optional leather power seats there nicely trend and much more supportive all around regardless of which tram you get the rear seat is not that comfortable it’s low and it’s hard some of the competitors have more room there’s a good sized cargo area and one nice thing on upper level versions is they have a tail gate that opens. Taking your foot underneath the back bumper it’s really great if your hands are full but keep in mind that if you opt for the towing package it omits that feature.

We skip is actually expensive for what you get RSC stickers at $28000 and that doesn’t include a sunroof are back up. That’s several $0 more than competitors like a Honda CRV or Subaru forester that include those features. Our escape titanium came in at over $36000 but keep in mind that includes a heavy load of some upscale equipment it puts on a level with vehicles like the Volkswagen take one or even cars like the BMW X3 or Audi Q5. Overall the escape is really nice to drive a couple of packaging issues like the tight driving position and the so rear seat not to mention the complicated controls detract from its livability and at the heart of the market actually rather expensive when compared to very popular competitors.