2008 Dodge Charger – my car

Hello and welcome to town and country Ford today we have a beautiful 2008 Dodge Charger. As you can see is a sporty looking colors got as a red color is to get 3.5 liter V6 engine, plenty of power there. It’s a 4 door scene for 5 people inside there. A sharp looking car overall. I guess as a Dodge charger. And. You know this house and chunk of second buttons going during the velcro quit. But the Dutch wills here don’t News entry. You say is in good condition on the outside no flaws that really. And you can say looking girls could hop inside.

2008 Dodge ChargerThose of cloth interior is the dark color so. Show me to worry about stains does at this time have a few of holes it’s got to mount this on things I notice them. This will let you know And Court is dark it will. And there’s your vans going up your passengers. Go ahead hopped in the front. Got the power windows locks and mirrors. I’ll set the power seats. And our gauges. Alright it’s time vigorous 74000 they earn 20 miles. And what I showed you the only allowed those like the owner check engine light on what’s the gas lot which. We’re really long gas. Nora I got on your radio controls here got the CD player with MP3 capabilities, also that Sirius satellite radio along with the auxiliary input say hook appear apan EP 3 player through this and play 2 speakers. Cruise control there. I climate controls across here. And does have the automatic transmission. And also your remote lots on the key here. Iraq has a better in sounds good hop now and caught the trunk. And also the hood. I will show you but those places. Hopefully we’ve seen here. Info about Dodge Charger headlights read at link http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html.

It’s going to go into space goes way back in there. Plenty space for groceries or whatever monthly. Sarah and I said 3.5 liter V. 6 engine. Plenty of power here. It’s a high output engine and. That’s a bit like a says a. It’s a sporty looking course today as night Dodge charger good looking color good looking car really. And as a. In great condition looking good. And it’s very rare town country for located in Bessemer Alabama fair in the questions come on down to give us a call to a 5. 283 double 075 thank you and have a great day.