2008 Dodge Charger – my car

Hello and welcome to town and country Ford today we have a beautiful 2008 Dodge Charger. As you can see is a sporty looking colors got as a red color is to get 3.5 liter V6 engine, plenty of power there. It’s a 4 door scene for 5 people inside there. A sharp looking car overall. I guess as a Dodge charger. And. You know this house and chunk of second buttons going during the velcro quit. But the Dutch wills here don’t News entry. You say is in good condition on the outside no flaws that really. And you can say looking girls could hop inside.

2008 Dodge ChargerThose of cloth interior is the dark color so. Show me to worry about stains does at this time have a few of holes it’s got to mount this on things I notice them. This will let you know And Court is dark it will. And there’s your vans going up your passengers. Go ahead hopped in the front. Got the power windows locks and mirrors. I’ll set the power seats. And our gauges. Alright it’s time vigorous 74000 they earn 20 miles. And what I showed you the only allowed those like the owner check engine light on what’s the gas lot which. We’re really long gas. Nora I got on your radio controls here got the CD player with MP3 capabilities, also that Sirius satellite radio along with the auxiliary input say hook appear apan EP 3 player through this and play 2 speakers. Cruise control there. I climate controls across here. And does have the automatic transmission. And also your remote lots on the key here. Iraq has a better in sounds good hop now and caught the trunk. And also the hood. I will show you but those places. Hopefully we’ve seen here. Info about Dodge Charger headlights read at link http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html.

It’s going to go into space goes way back in there. Plenty space for groceries or whatever monthly. Sarah and I said 3.5 liter V. 6 engine. Plenty of power here. It’s a high output engine and. That’s a bit like a says a. It’s a sporty looking course today as night Dodge charger good looking color good looking car really. And as a. In great condition looking good. And it’s very rare town country for located in Bessemer Alabama fair in the questions come on down to give us a call to a 5. 283 double 075 thank you and have a great day.

2013 Ford Escape review

The high volume Ford Escape is very important for Ford that’s why we bought 2 to test the FC version in the version that most people will get and a loaded escape type link the best thing about the escape is how it drives its nimble has responsive steering makes it really fun. Another high point is the ride it’s both well controlled and absorb it. Let’s face it some small SUV,  And feel like The escape. Road noise is really subdued and they it feels solid and. There are 34 cylinder and. It’s no V6 Most escapes were. Leader turbo charged engine. Little engine has good mid range. Sometimes have to wait for a ship to get that power it definitely know it’s working.

2013 Ford EscapeTop level engine is a 2 liter turbo charged for that comes standard on our skate titanium this is a lot more power and it feels like it puts in a lot less effort than the 1.6 and when you get this engine you also get 3500 pounds of towing. Surprisingly the 2 liter actually doesn’t cost you that much more at the pump the 1.6 is only slightly more fuel efficient and that’s partly because it works harder at slow speeds. Visibility to the front and sides is decent has open airy feel and large wrap around windshield and large side windows one thing that does detract is that the pillars have wide basis. Actually kind of hard to get the backup camera on the escape. It’s not available in our SE version you have to buy $1000 option package to get it on our titanium.

If it’s really kinda ridiculous for a very helpful safety feature especially when competitors like the Honda CRV its now standard. Getting in and out of the escape is really easy has low sales and big doors inside the escape is much nicer than before the dashboard as thickly padded some details like gaps in the panels do hold it back. Trolls can actually be frustrating even basic escapes have a radio that’s much more complex than it needs to be. Up level escapes have the my Ford touch controls some of those screens are really busy and have small fonts and it’s a long reach to the touch screen and some of the corners that you need to touch your actually blocked. From your view by the dashboard profile these are kind of big flaws for something that’s called my Ford touch. Comprehensive sink commands do help some especially when you’re using phones and iPods. New led tail lights and HID 2013 Ford Escape titanium headlightsStart driving position can be somewhat tight there’s a big console that pushes into your right leg and an uneven floor pan on the left. The basic cloth front seats are actually come with too soft to really get adequate support and the fabric covering is wrinkled in spots some people actually compared to a cheap suit.

Things are actually much better with the optional leather power seats there nicely trend and much more supportive all around regardless of which tram you get the rear seat is not that comfortable it’s low and it’s hard some of the competitors have more room there’s a good sized cargo area and one nice thing on upper level versions is they have a tail gate that opens. Taking your foot underneath the back bumper it’s really great if your hands are full but keep in mind that if you opt for the towing package it omits that feature.

We skip is actually expensive for what you get RSC stickers at $28000 and that doesn’t include a sunroof are back up. That’s several $0 more than competitors like a Honda CRV or Subaru forester that include those features. Our escape titanium came in at over $36000 but keep in mind that includes a heavy load of some upscale equipment it puts on a level with vehicles like the Volkswagen take one or even cars like the BMW X3 or Audi Q5. Overall the escape is really nice to drive a couple of packaging issues like the tight driving position and the so rear seat not to mention the complicated controls detract from its livability and at the heart of the market actually rather expensive when compared to very popular competitors.

How to replace front brake pads on a Ford Focus

I think they were going to sugar coat it plays the phone but I got so full of focus footage generation is the same for 1999. Although 8 to 2007. All you need to do is you need to. Jack up the car on the side of the need to replace the brake pads. They’ve done a movie star. Then you need a screwdriver flathead screwdriver 7 me neither. Now on the bench. And. Blake pots of course now the first thing that you need to do. This unit testing the screwdriver and I’d there on the scene in there between there. The frame and the ceiling there and but I. The other way because. If. Your old pots were really worn out you won’t be able to get its new plots without. Compressing the beast and next you need to remove just putting. Right here. After about on the back biggest 2 bolts. And I have 2 plastic. Do plastic leads and I bet that prevent that from going inside. You remove those.

front brake padsIf you are right there. The other one is there. And then you need to have a. 7 I won the French. And you need to take them lose though a. Okay we got the ball to lose all the way you just pull them out. Most of the time they go like built up here this one you need to clean it then acquitted them because they’re. Sitting there. That their whole caliper slides on the office. Okay then you need to just remove the light board out. The. And I bet that’s a caliber. As you can see. See the brick by. You just sit in movies like that though on the outside one doesn’t have a spring holding in a nightmare. And also about those blue eyes boats. You can also get a fine sandpaper. Make sure to find a different event. Or the Duggar thing deposits with sandpaper and then they look like about good and you need to live with it when you put it together. Okay we got out and you break bats as you can see that’s that you know the part that I hear his police brings not go inside death.

I read that inside the piece down on the couch. We need to push to little bit like bath. You put the outside on the brake pads disc http://mediaispropaganda.com. But I’m there. Into the house. And then you just. Put it back together. Okay next. You need to. Put the 2 boats on the back. Need to make sure about that the holes align. Okay now you. We get the 2 boats with the 7. Size 7 Allen wrench you get them thought it all away and it died. You need to install. A plastic. Jobs. Repsol right away delegates. And what it will not go inside the boat we need to okay as you can see we just put the displaying. Right here. This blank. You need to make sure that it is there.

Using wires. So really convenient. And next thing that that’s all we need to do and you need to put the top back on and make sure you put as the Brake plateau a few times before you drive the car. So the other way this evening there will go all the way and if you don’t do that. You will not to have brake pads the first 2 or 3 bombs. So make sure your palm the back panel a few times after that after you did plays the bike paths. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our channel.

2014 Nissan Qashqai review

The money if any you tie this like us going is the definitive family call it promises to be safe comfortable practical attractive even affordable to run  Berman is there many other similar because the promise pretty much exactly the same thing so why should you choose the catch Scully over the logs in the last 6 following the study exceed the Honda Ike’s 35 miss BCI sex the pose a 3000 right this is a kiosk or a scroll.
2014 Nissan Qashqai

Now there is no point pretending that anyone is going to buy this call and Chuck it around in search of a few cheap thrills instead it must cost of ours would much well that call ride smoothly and doesn’t make the kids feel call sake in the back. Thankfully this comp does everything you would expect and hope as far as that’s concerned. Let your son. On deals pretty well with. But he wrote. Pretty much every other color. But you do get a fair few jobs that. It’s a pot holes and the like but is much better at winning.

To bigger bums like speed bumps as our trip. And the son says this is. Parts to a travel system that does things like applying the brakes when a guy now that they get bums. To be honest I’ve never known to say around town or a mobile drive so it doesn’t in any way in. Now you. Karzai type basis. There is a selection of engines available in the cache convert as ever DD’s well worth considering exactly what kind of driving you’re gonna be doing before you make .

Take the small one points he leads a petrol for example is perfect if you’re going to be doing a lot more in the way uptown driving bought it steals a little bit like this when you get out along the rounds on the lead to like if you can be doing that more often than the diesel engines are a much better bet the 1.5 less powerful version is very Kwan relaxed and the 1.6 person comes of the federal power so that’s useful when it comes to telling or carrying loads of people on a regular basis by pale face it’s a little bit noisier. Okay ask why does the basics really well in the cabin everything feels very solid and well bill today with family life roaming covering post materials are going to shop lots of finger marks etcetera. That’s not to say that things don’t feel nice though there are lots of very nice soft touch materials around here in this gloss black around the central console lends a real feeling of smartness to the dash.

As a good level of adjustment to place the steering wheel and the seats as well so different songs family members will be able to get comfortable really easily and quickly. Is a shame though that if you want adjustable lumbar support. To go for one of the haunted trail levels and once it’s not. Included. You get 2 times and in the time the system in the cash cow you get a fairly simple version on the basic models but step off a bit and you get this color touch screen which is likely very simple and clear to use the gun control everything for the touch screen night you get a selection of clear and chunky buttons down the side and at the bottom so you can do things like change the temperature easily while you’re on the move.

The biggest downside to the from clause the calving ease the view anticipates these massive greatly pellets here and the even bigger ones of the black mean you can wind up peering around them to see where you’re going when you come out junctions. Because god comes with a choice of 4 trim levels vizio extensa expensive premium and techno and the press 2 of those all of the 2 slap bang in the middle and you have a busy it does get the basics to get Bluetooth cruise control and air conditioning but we would step up to eccentric because they you get things like jewels on climate control and all type lights and why because sends a premium is also worth considering because then you get stuff like miss panoramic gloss reef friends and repacking senses and a rear parking camera.

Now if you look at the purchase price alone the cash cow is not the cheapest car outlet bunch if you factor in the fact that he is going to be worth a little bit more than his rivals when you come to send in a few years time then it’ll cost you less in the long run oaks had the 1.5 liter diesel is the best bet you to maximize fuel economy and if you’re running as a company come in is less than 0 grams becomes your CO 2 so keep you company contacts bills nas night as well. And this time as a brand has done very well when it comes to a reliability surveys so it should lay down as far as that’s concerned and it has got a maximum 5 star Europe and caps safety writing.


FORD RANGERThe next-generation of Ford Ranger T6 received index. It was firstly presented in 2011 at the International Motor Show in Sydney. At the same T6 platform an updated pickup Mazda BT-50 was created. Production of T6 models began in the summer of 2011 in Thailand, and a little later – in South Africa and Argentina.

New Ranger will be available in several body variants with different types of drive (4×2 and 4×4), and three motors. The following engines are available for this model: a 2.5-liter petrol Duratec with capacity of 165 hp (in tandem with five-speed manual transmission), the diesel 2.2-liter Duratorq TDCi of series “Puma”, which develops 120, 125 or 150 hp. depending on the modification (is aggregated with dedicated six manual or automatic transmission), as well as diesel 3.2-liter Duratorq TDCi of series “Puma”, which develops 200 hp.. (gearbox is six-speed manual or automatic).

Body options – with a five-seater double cab Double Cab (useful volume of the cargo platform on the level of the sides -. 1.21 cubic meters), and with 2011 Ford Fusion headlight bulb replacement and single-double cabin Single Cab (useful volume of the loading platform of 1.82 cubic meters.).

Car Toyota noah.

Toyota noahToyota Noah – it’s a medium-sized minivan, which is an intermediate in the line of minivans Toyota and is intended for those who wish to become owners of a comfortable car for traveling, but who do not have enough money for Toyota Alphard or Toyota Estima.

The car is equipped with an engine with volume of two liters and can be front or all-wheel drive. Instead of the standard gearbox a variator is used in this car, which can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

The main advantage of the body of this vehicle in both its generations is a comfortable passenger accommodation, including comfortable embarkation and disembarkation. Sliding doors are located on both sides of the vehicle body and to open them you just need to pull the handle without any effort, then the door will move laterally itself. The process of opening or closing of both doors can be controlled from inside the vehicle with the driver’s seat. Door openings are made low and comfortable, that in combination with low ground clearance makes the most convenient landing.

Select the first car.

Select the first carBuying a car is an event in your life, and special if the car is first .
Many people advise not to buy the first car as a new one. And it is right. On the one hand, the new car is going well, don’t require careful attention. It does not break, do not give cause to concern. But a beginner is able to break the car easily, scratched or even do something worse. In order to properly ride should be at least a little understanding of the car and have small experience.

Foundations of technical vehicle device just second-hand cars will help to learn. You may need to call in more often to the service station, but it’s worth it. After a while, the driver will have to understand that the diagnosis engine is one thing, but the air conditioner test is another one. Used cars are not so sorry to dent or scratch.

The first cars should not be with a powerful engine. When a beginner gains confidence in driving, then he certainly will have a desire to “drive fast”. Confidence already is, but experience, unfortunately, is no. As a result, an accident could occur.

If we talk about the car’s age, it is better to pay attention to the 2-3 aged foreign cars.